Colorado Progressive Action

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Colorado Progressive Action is a membership driven 501c4 organization that actively works to win progressive public policies in Colorado. Our fight is driven by the objective to build lasting progressive political power in a state that's purple all to often turns red. As a result, CPA is using its tenacious membership base of over 12,000 to hold elected officials accountable, mobilize voters, and promote justice for all people. 

We are currently working on a number of campaigns that include voting rights, health care justice, civil and racial justice and economic justice. To get involved with the topic or campaign that most matters to you check our lists below:

Recent Media Coverage

Voter Mobilization Project


Voting Rights Action

Tell Scott Gessler to protect voting rights for real persons not corporate persons.

Health Care Action

Please keep an eye out for future actions!

Racial and Civil Rights Justice Action

Please keep an eye out for future actions!

Economic Justice Action

Month of Actions!!!